Things I've designed || engineered.

This is a website I designed for The U of A Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. The website is hosted on an Amazon EC2 micro instance running Linux. Most of the content/design was created using Muse. PHP/MySQL is used on the back-end through the Contact Us page to obtain information sent to us through the website. To see the project in action, click the link below.

EC2 / Design / Webmaster
This is the first website I ever published to the world wide web. I created and hosted this website through the use of I published it about a year ago, right after I took an intro to web development course at the U of A. The main intent of this website was to showcase my projects, skills, and experience. There's still some cool stuff you can find on this website. (old website)

Design / Web Development
There are quite a number of projects I have worked on during my stay at the U of A. They range from iOS and Windows Phone applications to PHP/MySQL WebApps to computer programs created entirely in Java. I am in the process of gathering all these projects to showcase on this website. For the timebeing, stay put and check periodcally for an update to this page!

Coming Soon

Working on some cool stuff
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