Hi, I'm Jose.

I study CS at The University of Arizona.


Courses I've taken

An introduction to cognitive science; current issues relating to minds as computers, neuroscience, vision and language.
Introduction to and analysis of algorithms and characteristics of discrete structures. Course topics include algorithm analysis techniques, recurrence relations, structural induction, hierarchical structures, graphs, hashing, and sorting.
Programming in C, including single and multi-dimensional arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and bit manipulation. Unix topics, including debuggers, makefiles, shell programming, and other topics that support systems programming.


Places I've worked at

I write code that continues to innovate the amazing web application that is Scholarship Universe. It's a website that allows U of A students to find scholarships that they are eligible to apply for, with little or no effort on their part!
I got to Explore Microsoft as an Explorer Intern! It can't get much more cooler than that! Explore Microsoft is a program that allows interns to rotate through the three main roles at Microsoft, all in one summer. The three roles are Program Manager(PM), Software Development Engineer (SDE), and Software Development Engineer in Test(SDET)
While at IBM, I got the opportunity to test a software called Tivoli Storage Manager. Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) is a software that allows you to back up and restore files to and from your computer, over a closed network, or via the internet, to a secure server running TSM. Think of it as a secure way to manage your data.


Projects I've worked on

This is an app I created as part of a group project
This is an app I created as part of a group project
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