WellSpark Health offers small and medium sized business owners a comprehensive health and wellness program to increase employees productivity and lower company health care costs.

How it works

We provide cost effective alternatives through a combination of online and on-site solutions.

Our Program

Employees will individually consult with our health coaches to create an incentive-based plan for achieving goals. After an initial meeting, quarterly consultations will take place. Employees will have access to online wellness tracking and educational tools to help them achieve their goals. Our program will increase productivity and overall wellness by sparking healthier decisions for long-term health.

Why the Spark?

WellSpark Health targets an underserved market, small and medium sized businesses, which lack resources to combat productivity. We provide cost effective alternatives through a combination of online and on-site solutions. To combat overweight, unhealthy and unproductive employees our services are affordable and effective for small business owners.

Online Solutions

Community Blog

Our community blog is personalized for your individual company. You have the ability to share tips and communicate with co-workers about what has been working for you, as well as get questions answered by our health coaches.

Online Excercise Tracker

This tool is there to assist you in keeping a log of your fitness and will calculate your calories burned in conjunction with your food tracker and overall goal.

Online Food Tracker

This tool allows you to calculate the calorie intake that you are suppose to intake a given day based on your goal and consultation with health coach. It also allows you to log what you have eaten to manage your caloric intake.

Goal Tracker

This tool combines your initial evaluation and goal with the progress that you can log and a graphical image of how close you are to reach incentives!

On-Site Solutions

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch, including marketing materials and a beautiful and functional website or whether you are looking for a design refresh pleased with the results.

Meetings with Health Coach

Personal meetings with a health coach provides a support system that is backed with a customized plan for each individual employee.

Wellness Seminar

Wellness seminars are designed to get together as a community and relax while learning with hands on activities how to improve wellness in everyday life.

Health Tip Flyers

Our goal is to change the overall culture of your company to one that promotes wellness. Flyers help as reminders around the workplace to encourage this.

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings are effective tools for initial goal setting and then evaluation.

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"

author Mahatma Gandhi